These are some of the groups who regularly use the Kaliseum and are open to new people joining.

Kalkaska Pickleball Club

Cost: $3 paid at the front desk, or free with Kaliseum membership.
When: Every day except Sunday. Times vary.

Existing players: Please sign up to play on the TeamReach app; group code PKB49646. If there are 8 players already signed up, do not sign up and then not show up to play. 
New players: You are welcome to join us. We will invite you to use TeamReach for ongoing scheduling. 

Roller Derby: Small Town Outlaws
Cost: $5 per practice paid at the front desk for arena usage, or free with Kaliseum membership.
Drop ins: No. Please contact Outlaws before your first practice.
When: Tue. & Thur. 6pm - 8:30pm (spring / summer)

Table Tennis
table tennis 2023 IMG_20230721_134053
Cost: $5 Kaliseum day pass purchased at front desk, or free with Kaliseum membership.
Drop ins: Yes
When: Wed. 5pm - 8:30pm

Youth Ice Hockey: Kalkaska Area Hockey Association

Semi-Pro Ice Hockey: Kalkaska Battlers