The Kaliseum has two pools, a lap pool and a leisure pool which is equipped with a slide and water fountains. The lap pool is a four lane 25 yard pool, 3'6" to 5 feet deep. The leisure pool is 0-3 feet deep; features spa jets, rain umbrella, play fountains, and a waterslide.


  • Lap Swim - Lap Pool is separated by lane lines and is open for swimmers wanting to exercise.
  • Open Swim - Both pools open including the water slide for your enjoyment.
  • Family Swim - Family Swim is a swim for the whole family to come and swim and have an all around wonderful time. Family discount rates apply.
  • Senior Fitness - A class for those who have arthritis to help maintain range of motion and functional skills.
  • Aqua Fitness - Stretching, cardio and muscular conditioning.
  • Deep Water Aerobics - A full range of motion movements and aerobics in the deep water.
  • Senior Swim - During this time half of the pool is available for patrons to exercise and lap swim at their own pace. Not instructed.

Swim classes

 Parent-Tot (6 months - 3 years) | GUPPIES

Basic water adjustment and exploration for parents and children. Instructions for parents to prepare children for independence with swim lessons. Parents do not need to be swimmers to participate.

Preschool (3-6 years) | MINNOWS

Emphasis on water adjustment, independence and confidence. Learning the basics for water exploration and preparation for structured lessons. Breath control, buoyancy, kicking and glides

Level 1 - BEGINNER:

Introduction to water skills (6 and up) | STARFISH

For the beginner or fearful swimmer. Water adjustment, independence and confidence. Bobbing and breath control, kicking and arm strokes, floating and buoyancy, comfort on back and intro to front crawl.


Learning front crawl endurance, intro to elementary backstroke, deep water adjustments and intro to treading water and survival floating


Strengthening the front crawl, intro to back crawl, elementary back stroke endurance, strengthening treading water and survival floating


Front and back crawl endurance, breast stroke, "whip" kick, open turns, butterfly "dolphin" kick, survival techniques.