Kaliseum Gym & Cross Training Center


4  Treadmills with 16” LED Consoles

2  Ellipticals with 16” LED Consoles

2 Upright Bikes with 16” LED Consoles

2 Spin Bikes

Cable Crossover

Chest Press

Shoulder Press

Pec Deck / Rear Delt

Bicep Curl

Tricep Extension

Assisted Chin / Dip                            

Lat Pulldown                                  

Seated Row with Chest Pad                                    

Low Row                                             

Ab / Low Back

Rotary Torso                                                           

Leg Extension                                     

Prone Leg Curl

Inner / Outer Thigh


Counter Balanced Smith Machine

Squat Racks

2 Olympic Flat Benches

Olympic Incline Bench

Olympic Decline Bench

Olympic Military Bench            
Seated Arm Curl

Leg Raise / Dip

2  45 Degree Hyper Extensions

2   Adjustable Benches

2  Adjustable Decline Sit-Ups

2 Flat Benches

Seated Utility Bench

Independent Converging Flat Chest Press

Independent Converging Incline Chest Press

Independent Converging Shoulder Press

Independent Bicep Curl

Independent Diverging Lever Lat Pull

Independent Diverging Seated Row

Leverage Hack Squat

Independent Leverage Leg Extension

Standing Leg Curl                           

Ab Crunch

45 Leg Press                                                      
Seated Calf                                      


2 Body Stretchers

4,000 lbs Body Solid OPT Olympic Grip Plates – Cast Iron – Gray:

(42) 45#, (20) 35#, (34) 25#, (36) 10#, (28) 5#, (24) 2.5#

5 Olympic Plate Trees

7 1,200 lb. Olympic Power Bars

Olympic Curl Bar

1 set Rubber Encased Dumbbells:

(1 pair each) 5lbs through 100lbs in 5lb increments

2 Tier Dumbbell Racks

14 Olympic Spring Collars