Kalkaska County Sports & Recreation Complex Fee Schedule
(All events include setup & clean up time)
Day Rental Time: 8:00 am - Close

Banquet Hall & Kitchen
$50 per hour
Sun-Th $120 per day
Fri-Sat $300 per day

Small Kitchen / Meeting Room (next to gym)
$15 per hour $30 per day

$50 per hour $125 per day

Individual County Complex Pavilions
$10 per hour $50 per day

$150 per day

Ball Diamonds & Soccer Fields
$12 per field per practice or game

Small usage: $50 per day
Large usage: $150 per day
*At the director's discretion

Open Space
$50 for less than an acre (Ex: food truck lease) $100 per acre

Large Event
Entire Civic Center & Outdoor Area (Including Electricity)
$1000 per day (2 or less days)
$750 per day (3 or more consecutive days)

Must remove all trash. If a Civic Center event is large, and the Kaliseum is expected to provide bathrooms for use, there will be an additional fee. The additional fee will cover the expense of two additional staff members to clean the Kaliseum bathrooms. Please contact 231-258-5913 for any concerns or questions.

Fees approved 3-29-2019